AQP event gives patients chance to make informed choices about their hearing care

On Saturday we held our first ever AQP Provider event following the announcement from Derby Hospital’s Audiology department that their patients with routine hearing loss are now being informed that they must choose a new hearing aid provider. We had representatives from Scrivens, Mediscan, The Outside Clinic and Specsavers who were all very happy to speak to patients about their services, showing them the hearing aids that they offer and reassuring them that the services they require are still available.

CamTAD staff, trustees and volunteers were on hand to help give impartial advice and provide refreshments. Many patients people stayed for around 45 minutes and feedback from our volunteers who are themselves going through this process is that they found the event extremely useful.

We had a great opportunity to talk to each of the providers and showed them our fantastic Resource Centre. We hope that this will lead to more partnership work in the future.