Deaf Awareness Week visit to The Leylands highlights various ways CamTAD can help


This morning we attended a coffee morning at The Leylands Estate in Derby. We attend the site on a quarterly basis and it has become a hub for people who live in the complex to come and get advice about their hearing aids.  The following advice given at today’s session gives you a good idea about the kind of support that we can offer in the community:

  • Support to get an appointment for wax removal
  • Appointment made to get loop programme and volume control on a client’s hearing aids
  • Support to organise a home visit from an NHS hearing provider
  • Support to understand changes in the NHS hearing aid provision
  • Gave advice on how to clean hearing aids
  • Arranged to get an aid adapted to suit a patient’s disability because they struggle to put them in.
  • Advised about TV loop products that could help someone hear the TV more clearly
  • Liaised with an NHS hearing aid provider to determine when a patient’s next hearing test is due

We often back up  advice given with a letter so that our clients have clear guidance on how we’ve helped.

With help from funding from the National Lottery more Coffee Mornings are being planned. These will give people the chance to enjoy a relaxed drink with friends while getting advice and support.