Help us to develop a Directory of good hearing loop facilities locally

We can’t believe how many people with hearing aids do not know about how to use a hearing loop and have either dismissed the option of having the facility activated on their hearing aid or simply do not know that they can. This useful video, produced in the USA explains what a loop is:

Many people get put off asking to use the loop system as they get embarrassed or are worried that it won’t work. Sometimes people aren’t sure whether they have the loop facility or don’t know how to switch it on. To check if you have the loop facility activated simply enquire with your hearing aid provider. If you need support to understand how to use a loop we can help.

We would like to encourage more people to feel comfortable using loop systems by building a directory of places where loops work well. We could also incorporate a naughty list, where loop systems are simply inadequate, encouraging the venues to make things better (with our help of course).

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