Subtitled Screenings at local cinemas

Going to the cinema can be great fun but if you struggle with hearing loss it can be really difficult to understand speech over all the effects and soundtracks.

Captioned/subtitled screenings can really help and a lot of cinemas now offer a variety of films with subtitles, although some may only have one or two screenings over a week.

Below is a summary of the subtitled screenings for this coming week as an example and how you can check for upcoming screenings.

Derby QUAD

Derby QUAD have a newsletter that you can sign up to to receive an email each week notifying you of upcoming films. Please click on the link to see a sample of the newsletter and to register.

This week they have Emma, the Color Out Of Space and Jumanji The Next Level with subtitles.

Click here to see QUAD’s Subtitled Screenings

Odeon Derby

Odeon have a search facility where you can search for captioned/subtitled films at the cinema of your choice.

This week they have screenings of The Invisible Man, Downhill and Dark Waters as well as Parasite (Foreign Language Film) and two Kids screenings Playing With Fire and Addams Family (animated).

Click here to search for subtitled screenings at Odeon Derby

Odeon Swadlincote have screenings of Sonic and Invisible Man

Odeon Mansfield have screenings of Sonic, Dark Waters and Invisible Man

Showcase Cinemas

Sadly we couldn’t find any particular info on Subtitled screenings at Showcase Cinemas and their website was not easy to navigate when searching for these particular screenings.