Deaf Awareness Week 2020

This week is Deaf Awareness Week and this year the theme is Acquired Deafness. Due to the current Covid-19 crisis many activities have been cancelled across the Country and many of us are in isolation including many of our volunteers and Committee.

Our response to this crisis has been to look at how we can support you during this crisis and beyond and there will be more focus on a wide range of supportive technology moving forward.

There are a variety of ways that communication can be enhanced and we are working at introducing new ways that you can contact us too.

If you struggle to hear on the phone then why not try the following:

Relay UK

Relay UK is the new name for Next Generation Text Relay and is a free to access service which allows you, through using an operator, to get the conversation typed up on either a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Technology required – Smart phone or tablet or laptop or PC


Video calling

There are so many services that now allow video calling, such as Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp. This is a great way to call someone if you rely on lipreading. Keep an eye on our page as we are looking at ways we can incorporate these services into how you can contact us for advice and support on a one to one basis.

Technology required – Facetime (Apple iphone or ipad), Whatsapp (smart phone or tablet), Skype (smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC)

Video Meetings

Services like Zoom and House Party allow you to connect with much larger groups as well as have multiple family members together at the same time. Imagine celebrating a birthday with a family member in another City or Country alongside other members of your family. Zoom is very popular amongst groups such as Rotary, WI, local charities etc but is easy to use and is free for calls up to 40 minutes.

Technology required – Smart phone, tablet or laptop (or a PC but ideally must have a webcam and microphone)