Hearing Aid Servicing and Repair Clinics now available more frequently.

We are pleased to announce that we have re-started our hearing aid clinic at London Road Community Hospital following the lockdown with some differences.

The service is strictly an appointment only service for patients who are are currently registered with Derby Hospitals for their hearing aids. If you have hearing aids from one of the high street services then we can still help you to get an appointment with your NHS hearing aid provider.

We initially started offering these on a Saturday as our Resource Centre was being used by another hospital department. We now have the room back and have started offering the sessions during the week. As the service is by appointment, we have the flexibility to offer more repair appointments as demand increases as well as helping you co-ordinate with other appointments you might have at the hospital.

We will continue to offer some limited out-of-hours support on a Saturday to suit patients that work full time or cannot attend in the week.

Our volunteers are having to wear appropriate PPE whilst servicing aids in the hospital