CamTAD Services available during November Lockdown

We appreciate that hearing loss can have a real impact on mental health and during lock down this can lead to increased isolation and frustration.

We will be maintaining our advice services and offering a hearing aid repair service at London Road Community Hospital during this period. Although we are open Tuesday to Thursday our phone lines will be monitored and we will respond out of hours to any urgent queries.

We can still offer hearing aid servicing and repairs in a very safe environment as our staff and volunteers adhere to strict hospital guidelines around infection control. We do insist that all repairs are by appointment only.

We do offer a home visiting service for hearing aid repairs, you must be a current patient of Derby Hospitals Audiology. This service is strictly dependent on the availability of our own staff and volunteers. All repairs are done at our vehicles.

If you have been advised to register with a high street NHS provider then we can support you to get in touch with them for a repair.