CamTAD’s services resume as restrictions ease

We are pleased to announce that our services at the London Road Community Hospital (now known as the Florence Nightingale Community Hospital) have resumed.

The office is open for advice and support Tuesday to Thursday 10am-3pm

We have a hearing aid clinic for replacement tubing and minor fault diagnosis every week provided by our skilled volunteers, this is an appointment only service so that we can ensure that everyone that attends can be seen and given the right amount of time for the support that they need. No more long queues.

The Resource Centre has now been given the go-ahead to restart and we can accept appointments to have a demonstration of assistive equipment that may be able to help you manage your hearing loss such as amplified telephones, tv listeners, flashing doorbells, vibrating alarm clocks and conversation amplifiers.

Please note that services are subject to government/hospital guidelines and may change.