Equipment available for demonstration



CamTAD’s Resource Centre has a wide range of equipment available for you to try with no pressure to buy. We can provide solutions for many barriers that are encountered when you have hearing loss. These can help you hear the TV or telephone better, hear conversations clearer during meetings or in social settings.

The equipment that we demonstrate is available through either Sarabec, Action On Hearing Loss or Hearing Products International. We generally refer to them as they have a good customer service and with most products offer you a money back guarantee if returned in it’s original packaging within 28 days, perfect if you are not sure whether the product will be suitable for you.

We recommend that you have an appointment to try before you buy as this will help you decide whether the equipment is right for you. Appointments can be made by emailing us at CamTAD Hearing Support, by calling us on 01332 258143 or texting on 07788 715705.

Please click on any of the following links to see our current range of products available for demonstration. Prices were correct 27th February 2020. We will update these information sheets as new products become available.

Equipment sheet – Alarm Clocks v7

Equipment sheet – Alerters for Carers v3

Equipment sheet – Conversation amplifiers v8

Equipment sheet – Corded telephones v6

Equipment sheet – Cordless telephones v6

Equipment sheet – Doorbells v6

Equipment sheet – Mobiles and Accessories v7

Equipment sheet – Tinnitus relief v5

Equipment sheet – TV and Music products v7