Help us to develop a Directory of good hearing loop facilities locally

We can’t believe how many people with hearing aids do not know about how to use a hearing loop and have either dismissed the option of having the facility activated on their hearing aid or simply do not know that they can. This useful video, produced in the USA explains what a loop is:

Many people get put off asking to use the loop system as they get embarrassed or are worried that it won’t work. Sometimes people aren’t sure whether they have the loop facility or don’t know how to switch it on. To check if you have the loop facility activated simply enquire with your hearing aid provider. If you need support to understand how to use a loop we can help.

We would like to encourage more people to feel comfortable using loop systems by building a directory of places where loops work well. We could also incorporate a naughty list, where loop systems are simply inadequate, encouraging the venues to make things better (with our help of course).

Please let us know by contacting us on any of the following:

Telephone: 01332 258143

Text: 07788 715705


or leave us a message on Facebook


Deaf Awareness Week visit to The Leylands highlights various ways CamTAD can help


This morning we attended a coffee morning at The Leylands Estate in Derby. We attend the site on a quarterly basis and it has become a hub for people who live in the complex to come and get advice about their hearing aids.  The following advice given at today’s session gives you a good idea about the kind of support that we can offer in the community:

  • Support to get an appointment for wax removal
  • Appointment made to get loop programme and volume control on a client’s hearing aids
  • Support to organise a home visit from an NHS hearing provider
  • Support to understand changes in the NHS hearing aid provision
  • Gave advice on how to clean hearing aids
  • Arranged to get an aid adapted to suit a patient’s disability because they struggle to put them in.
  • Advised about TV loop products that could help someone hear the TV more clearly
  • Liaised with an NHS hearing aid provider to determine when a patient’s next hearing test is due

We often back up  advice given with a letter so that our clients have clear guidance on how we’ve helped.

With help from funding from the National Lottery more Coffee Mornings are being planned. These will give people the chance to enjoy a relaxed drink with friends while getting advice and support.

Listen Hear Support Group celebrates a year of success


During Deaf Awareness Week we want to highlight some of the other services locally that can offer support if you have a hearing loss.

The Listen Hear Support Group continues to meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Resident’s Common Room of the Guinness Partnership at 1A Sidney Street from 1:00pm to 3:00 pm.

On average about 16 members attend each meeting, but the Flower Arranging Demonstration on February 14th (Valentine’s Day!) was very popular with 24 Members present and three lucky Members walking away with the 3 beautiful flower arrangements produced.

Other popular presentations / talks at the monthly meetings have included Fire Prevention, Chair based exercises, Lip Reading and Quantum Touch. In fact the Chair Based Exercises (no gym kit required!) proved to be so popular that Sarah from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue has visited twice this year and is coming again in August.

The Members also enjoyed a Christmas Fuddle / Party and mini-coach trips, including cream tea refreshments, to both Carsington Reservoir and Kedleston Hall.

Listen Hear was very lucky that they received funding from Foundation Derbyshire during the period from January 2018 to April 2019 which has greatly helped.

New Members are always welcome.

Listen Hear are also always looking out for people to give a short talk (about 30 – 60 minutes) on any interesting subjects / hobbies /past experiences etc.

Cost is £1 per meeting which includes refreshments.

For further information please contact Ansuya (07817 412918) or Francis (01332 290956)

Listed below is the meeting programme for the rest of 2019.


June 13th               Susan Bailey – Diabetes UK

July 11th                 Tina – Derbyshire Carers project

August 8th             Sarah Wigley -Chair based exercises

September 12th   David Mear (Member) – Talk on Cameras

October 10th         Group Exercises / Fun and Games

November 14th     Group Activities

December 12th     CHRISTMAS PARTY

Amazing feedback highlights the importance of good advice.

This month we received some wonderful feedback from a lady that had visited us for advice regarding assistive equipment. The email shows that there are some great solutions out there that can really enhance your hearing experience.

The email reads:

I wanted to send an email to thank you so much for all of your help in December. Coming to terms with some hearing loss was difficult for me and managing in certain situations was proving to be near impossible. When my audiologist recommended i come to you to try a Roger pen system i was hopeful that it would help a lot. Visiting you at the Royal Derby hospital was easy and very encouraging. It is amazing that you loan out this expensive equipment for people to try so that they can assess if it would help with everyday life. Borrowing the Roger Pen allowed me the opportunity to try it out in lots of situations and the difference it made was remarkable. I work at a pre-school which is a very noisy environment, plus i speak in church and i am an England boxing judge and referee. These are all challenging if i can not hear very well and while the hearing aids do help, it was still tricky to operate as normal in those situations. The Roger pen made such a difference that it was almost as good as having full hearing back. It made me quite emotional when i got to the end of the week and it was time to give it back and the fact that you were kind enough to extend the loan over Christmas meant that my first Christmas after being diagnosed with hearing loss was considerably more positive and enjoyable than expected.

Since then i have had an access to work grant which has allowed me a Roger pen to change my life!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the work that you do and the difference it makes to people like me.

“The Contouring of Deafhoods” brings D/deaf culture to the big screen this Sunday

This Sunday, 17th March at QUAD, 6.45pm there is a great opportunity to catch a selection of short films bringing stories about D/deaf culture to the big screen.

The programme comprises of a selection of thought provoking contemporary short films from the UK, New Zealand and Spain that each bring stories about D/deaf culture and experience to the big screen. The Contouring of Deafhoods is a London Short Film Festival touring shorts programme for D/deaf audiences curated by young Deaf programmer Zoe McWhinney…/cinema-e…/contouring-

Following on from 2018’s successful D/deaf audiences programme Lives In Sign Language, the London Short Film Festival is proud to present a package of award winning and rarely screened short films from around the world.

The programme comprises of a selection of thought provoking contemporary short films from the UK, New Zealand and Spain that each bring stories about D/deaf culture and experience to the big screen. The Contouring of Deafhoods is a London Short Film Festival touring shorts programme for D/deaf audiences curated by young Deaf programmer Zoe McWhinney.

The Programme

Lightning (Dir: Christine Isoli, UK, 18 mins)
BSL and English Subtitles
A chance encounter at a traffic light turns into an unexpected friendship between an underground musician and a deaf girl, who dreams of becoming a pilot.

Boat (Dir: Louise Stern, UK, 23 mins)
BSL and English Subtitles
A young girl comes to live on a boat, she communicates with the people – and the gerbil – who inhabit this world via notes, gesture and dance.

Words of Caramel (Dir: Juan Antonio Moreno, Spain, 21mins)
English subtitles
In a refugee camp in the Sahara Desert lives a deaf boy who wishes to learn how to write. Welcome to Kori, and his best friend Caramel the camel’s silent world.

Tama (Dir: Jared Flitcroft and Jack O’Donnell, NZ, 9 mins)
NZSL and English subtitles
Tama is about a young Maori Deaf boy who wants to perform the Haka. On a near-fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle, he begins to grow from an undervalued youth into a proud younf man.

To Know Him (Dir: Ted Evans, UK, 28 mins)
BSL and English subtitles
To lay the man she loves to rest, a deaf woman must overcome a barrier far greater than language.