About CamTAD Hearing Support

CamTAD Hearing Support is an independent charity, based in Derby at the London Road Community Hospital.

CamTAD stands for Campaign for Tackling Acquired Deafness. We were set up in 1985 by a group of volunteers who felt that there was a need for support locally. We became a registered charity in 1986.

Our purpose is to ensure that hearing impaired people (hard of hearing / sensory loss) have the highest quality of life by making them aware of the services, equipment and strategies that are available to them.

We are a Derbyshire based service and historically we cover Derby City, South Derbyshire, Erewash and the Southern Derbyshire Dales. We are happy to advise and support people with hearing loss from outside these areas where possible.

We have a range of outreach Clinics throughout Derby and Derbyshire which provide a basic health check for your NHS hearing aids including replacement of tubing, cleaning of ear moulds and small repairs. We can also offer advice and information about your hearing aids, equipment and other support services available to you. Apologies but Currently closed re Pandemic

At our head office at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital we have a Resource Centre where you can try a wide range of equipment that may help you with your hearing loss such as amplified telephones, television loop systems and vibrating alarm clocks amongst others. Our advice is impartial with no pressure to buy.

Our aim is to help you make informed choices about how you manage your hearing impairment.

If you are viewing this site on a mobile device please note we have numerous pages on this site, if these aren’t displayed on the left of the page please do the following:

1.) try viewing the page in landscape rather than portrait

2.) click on the three parallel lines under our logo (left of the search icon)

If you still have problems accessing the site and need to contact us directly then please contact us using the Contact Us page which gives various options to ease communication.

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